Precision Micro, Europe’s Leading Photo Chemical Etching Company

Welcome to Precision Micro, Europe’s largest independent supplier of photo etched components. Virtually all new cars, mobile phones and computer chips utilise components manufactured by Precision Micro to the highest standard.

One of the manufacturing world’s best kept secrets, Photo Etching produces highly accurate, identical components for large and small scale applications – from one-off designs to batches of a million or more.

The photo etching process involves photo sensitive polymer being applied to a raw metal sheet. Using CAD designed photo-tools as stencils, the metal is exposed to UV light to leave a design pattern, which is developed and etched from the metal sheet. The resultant component shape is then cleaned and sent to the finishing workshop for forming, surface treatment and inspection, prior to despatch.

With half a billion components produced every year from over 1000 tons of metal, Precision Micro has a proven track record of delivering excellence globally to thousands of satisfied customers.

Precision Micro’s highly trained engineers are expert in producing revolutionary production techniques to fulfil any engineering requirement, at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods

To discuss how Precision Micro can fulfill your component manufacturing requirements, email or visit the website for further information and local contacts.

Precision Micro — engineering with imagination.

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